About Podium


About Podium

Founded in 1997, Podium has established a reputation for publishing up-market literary fiction, outstanding yet accessible poetry and intelligent, original works of narrative, journalistic and general non-fiction. With a devoted, passionate and creative team we publish around 30 new titles a year.


With Dutch authors like Renate Dorrestein, Ronald Giphart, Kluun, Wilfried de Jong and Alex Boogers – to name a few – we are one of the leading publishing houses when it comes to original fiction. Selling over 1.2 million copies domestically, Kluun’s Komt een vrouw bij de dokter even is the most successful novel in Dutch literature to date. Over the years, our writers have been published in translation by Granta, Pushkin Press, Actes Sud, Hanser, Anagrama and several other established publishing houses.


When it comes to translated fiction, be it novels or short stories, we are the proud publishers of Michel Faber, Etgar Keret, DBC Pierre, Uwe Timm, Dorthe Nors, George Saunders, Truman Capote, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Karen Köhler and many others. We cherish the genre of the short story; our series has won several prizes for its superb translations and the stunning design and has found its way to many readers.


Our works of non-fiction explore subjects thoroughly in an original, accessible way. They are voice-driven and written out of passion and love for the subject. Amongst our authors in translation are such diverse writers as Niki Segnit, Simon Garfield and Rebecca Solnit, who in different fields have written quality, timeless books. Our original non-fiction tends to be more journalistic and includes writers like Joris Luyendijk, whose Hello Everybody! has been translated into many languages.


Last but not least, we are the leading house in South-African literature here in the Netherlands. Through our bilingual publications, many Dutch readers have found their way to the beautiful, heartfelt poetry of Ingrid Jonker, Antjie Krog and Breyten Breytenbach.


Foreign Rights

If you are interested in one of our titles, please do not hesitate to contact Merijn Hollestelle, (mh@uitgeverijpodium.nl).


You can download our most recent foreign rights guide here: Podium Frankfurt 2016.

Column Joost Nijsen

  • Janneke_Vreugdenhil_-_Solo_Food_-_Floortje_van_Esse.jpg


    08-09-2017 -

    Over elke deal voor een van onze Nederlandstalige auteurs in het buitenland zijn we opgetogen. Herman Koch en enkele andere topauteurs van collega-uitgevers mogen dan op menig nachtkastje in menig land prijken, en De avonden mag dan met vertraging van een halve eeuw alsnog internationale weerklank vinden, we zijn en blijven een boekenlandje dat bij de meeste buitenlandse uitgevers vooral geliefd is als afzetmarkt: met landen als Duitsland en Italië behoren we tot de gretigste afnemers van vertaalrechten, vooral van Engelstalige auteurs.